Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Jaipur Redux

Today is our last day in Trivandrum, and there is some unfinished business to report.  First, I was in Jaipur last week for a week, and it was an unhuman temperature of 49-50 degrees.  You do the conversion; it’s too scary for me.  I worked with a great group of  women who I’ve been training for 2 years as master trainers and they were great fun as usual.  Picture below.  It was great fun to see old friends, old haunts, and see the peacocks in full strut at Rambagh Palace. Here are some great pictures of various poses the peacocks struck:  https://flic.kr/s/aHsjZgoTsy

I also failed to post my “Monsoon is Here” blog, because I couldn’t get my super short videos (7 seconds) to load for some reason. Here are some pics of monsoon time:  https://flic.kr/s/aHsjYWqUUN  Let me just describe the wind bending the trees:  There was lots.  The monsoon weather here is a little odd, because I expected daily sheets of rain, backed up gutters, flooding in the streets, etc, but it’s been much much less than that.  We have had 2-3 days where it doesn’t rain at all and sometimes it’s gorgeous weather with a cool ocean breeze and sunny skies.  Some days it’s sultry and humid to a point where it eventually rains just to relieve itself of the humidity.  I was told that Trivandrum doesn’t receive “the rains” nearly as much as most other parts of Kerala, for some unknown reason, and there is worry here that they are receiving far too little and will suffer in the future.  There are also some clicks of a textile showcumsale at the bottom of the hill where I may or may not have purchased the gorgeous handsewn dupatta the man is holding up… Look for it on our sofa in China when you come visit.

Enough on the rain, the big news since my last blog is we’re headed to China!  I’ve got a great job in Suzhou, China, about 30 minutes by bullet train to the north of Shanghai, on the eastern seaboard.  It’s an IB school, and I’ll be coordinating ESL programs and also teaching, probably 4th grade.  It’s a private school which was constructed with the purpose of teaching the kids of ex-pats who are working on the IT Park.  We will be living in a gated compound of some sort and it has lots of Western amenities, so it will be a change for us from here.  The school’s population is quite similar to that of Weber’s, so I’m looking forward to working with about 40 nationalities.  Here’s the link to the school:  http://www.ssis-suzhou.net/index.aspx Caution:  It’s such a bright future you may need sunglasses!  It’s a welcome return to the world of the knee-high humans, and the administration and school seem very welcoming and organized.  Yes, organized, sigh….

Tomorrow I’ll be writing my last Land of the Coconuts blog, with a list of favorites from India and a link to a new blog site, Iowa Laoshi in the Middle Kingdom, which will chronicle first our two-week visit to Chengdu and #1 daughter which starts on July 4,  then our two years in Suzhou (yep, signed a 2-year contract, but there were enough perks on the contract I didn’t read that calendar part carefully. )  After having to pack up everything for the 3rd time in as many years, I’m ready to put down some roots, and hope we will see lots more of Daughter #1, and probably #2 as well, craving the China vibe. 


  1. What a lovely group of pictures…esp. the people and the fabric shops. The website of the international school you'll be teaching at is very professional. Should be a fun place to teach.

  2. You did right to purchase that stunning piece of fabric. Your new adventures sound like a perfect fit. It will be wonderful to be closer to the girls and have many aspects of life made easier. I have enjoyed following this blog. Onward. Safe travels. !!