Thursday, June 12, 2014

World Cup a la Kerala

There are some times when I miss having a TV, and right about now is one of them, the advent of the World Cup.  I've got the fever, and I don't want the cure, I just want a TV.  S. wants a TV, too, but so he can watch his beloved Spurs win the NBA.  It's not going to happen for either of us, and forget about a sports bar where we might watch it, except someone is going to sponsor a televising of a game, but it's at the techno park outside the city I've never been to, so again, not going to happen.
At least I'm in the right state for World Cup news, because Kerala is one of the few states in the country that doesn't equate sports with cricket and more cricket.  There is even a league in the state, and some people have organized a tournament along the coast to honor the World Cup.  16 teams will vie for the ability to be in the semi-finals, and they will be held the day before the real ones, and the Keralan teams will wear the colors of the teams who are actually in the semis.  Sounds like a good time, but I can't even Google this city and get anything, so I don't think I'll be partaking of the fun.  Spellings are a bit arbitrary, to say the least.
In other WC (World Cup) news, I read a great piece in our local newspaper about a couple of octogenarians who are set to attend their 9th consecutive World Cup games in Brazil.  They are shown holding up their air tickets in the attending photo and they look pretty intense.  They are quoted as saying …."You cannot even imagine how seriously we take the World Cup."  I think I can, actually.  They might be my new role models.  They said they went to their first ones in Spain a few decades back and saw how much of a party atmosphere it was, so decided they should go to all of them.  They live on a very modest pension but save carefully for each WC.  People with their eyes on the prize, I would say! Safe travels and get these people a vuvuzuela, or whatever the Brazilian equivalent of that is.
BTW, VIVA MEXICO… Tonight against Cameroon (sorry, younger daughter).  I do like Eto, but Mexico is home of beans and rice and all things sabroso, so, once again, ÁNDALE, MEXICO!

In other more mundane news, there was an article yesterday about a scientific breakthrough regarding malaria in the labs of London.  One scientist declared a "huge advancement" in the reduction and possible eradication of the disease, because they have perfected the serum for a vaccine that renders mosquitos doomed to produce only male offspring, which don't bite.
First of all, what's with all the anger biting,  female sisters of 6 legs???  Second, I think this pronouncement is a little premature, as the procedure involves injecting a serum that alters the genetic code.  Think about it…. Have they figured out a way to get all the mosquitos to get in line for their shots?  Or perhaps perfected a secret wrestling move to pin them down?  There were no particulars about this part of the game, so I am thinking there is still more work to do.  I think it's reminiscent of the Aesop Fable of Belling the Cat.  It will be a wonderful day when malaria is arrested and perhaps eliminated, but there was another article right under it about how polio eradication may miss another goal.  Lots of work to do in the global health arena, but I know one woman who is ON IT.

Finally, sadly, more shootings in our country.  Such a great country with such a huge glaring Achilles Heel.  It was interesting to see even Obama show some frustration over how to respond, although I'm sure that's his usual emotion on most days given the ineptitude of Congress to do much of anything. When I talk about it to nonAmericans, I try to explain that legislators are mostly scared of the powerful gun lobby, the NRA.  That doesn't make any sense to them, or to me, but it's the sad truth.  How did we ever permit our legislators to be bought and sold and is there a way to put the Genie (money) back in the bottle?  No answer for that one.
Happy picture for the ending….The walled gate across the street from our apartment complex was newly painted, and then the rains washed it.  Pretty, isn't it?  I love the Malayalam print but also the incredibly long word written in Roman script as well.  I don't know what it means because all I can see on the other side of the gate is an empty lot with some banana plants and coconut trees.  Beats me!

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  1. JLo is no Shakira.. but her song wasn't very exciting either.. that outfit on Pitbull? ha ha... is he that good of a singer? Lopez had a cool outfit .. Onward to the games.