Tuesday, July 8, 2014

10 Great Things about India

It's impossible to list all the great things I've experienced in India, especially all the kind-hearted people, but there are a few that deserve special mention, along with some final photos the last day we were in India.

1.     Mangoes, the best I’ve ever consumed.  Also the Keralan epicurean delights of appam, dosas, and the coconut curries, and the paneer of the north and the lassis from M.I. Road in Jaipur
2.     Fabulous Textiles, hand-block prints, embroidery work, silks, and cottons
3.     Mughal era Palaces:  Udaipur’s, Jodphur’s, and Jaipur’s were all winners
4.     Sari Shops:  Both the products and the shopping experience.  Saris are the coolest clothing I’ve ever worn, and probably ever will.
5.     Nature, from the gorgeous coffee plantations of Wayanad, to the especially exotic birds like kingfishers, green bee eaters, and water fowl of every color of the rainbow
6.     The beach at Kovalam, 30 minutes from our home in Trivandrum.  We didn’t get there often enough, but it was enough just to know it was there if we needed to escape.
7.     Great traditions and festivals of both the Rajastanis and Keralan people, especially Devali in Jaipur and Onam in Trivandrum
8.     The people, all the friends we made and all the people who were friendly and curious and very pro-American
9.     Cheap books
10. JLF:  Jaipur Literature Festival:  enuf said

There are dozens of other things, but I'm here in China now, and it's time to say good-bye to India for now.
Here's a link to the my new blog which will illustrate my life in China….  http://iowalaoshi.blogspot.com
Ambassador:  Soon to be Discontinued
Squid and Coconut Chips Keralan Style

Crazy Nature…Elvis is in the House on this one!

Bright colors like this house down our street

Again with the crazy looks from the birds with the rat tail

Durga Temple full of color and Hindu symbolism

Famous Temple with Loads of Gold in the Basement!

Just because we can, we do...

Maha's Famous Banana Masala Chips and Sunset from Plane on way to China

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