Friday, October 25, 2013

Dusk at our House

Having lived in only landlocked areas all my life until now, the ocean and all things coastal hold a special fascination for me.  One of the many wonderful perks of life here by the sea is beautiful sunsets, and from our west-facing terrace on the 7th floor, we have established a ritual of meeting at the terrace to watch the sunset and let the breezes float over us.  For about 30 minutes during the falling of the sun, the horizon changes many colors, and in the sky the kites (the bird variety, not the paper kind with string) put on an aerial show that would rival the Blue Angels.  They gather and take to the sky, then catch the wind currents and coast around and around.  It's a dramatic sight that isn't easy to capture on film, so just trust me, it's cool.
There is also an audio component to our watch.  We call this the "Bourne" moments, because I feel like  I'm in an espionage movie.  Open with the gorgeous woman (that's me) on her 7th floor balcony, breeze gently flowing through her auburn locks (it's a movie, I can look however I want.) She looks down over a grove of palm trees enjoying the same breeze and a sunset in progress.  Next the muezzin begins his evening call to prayer.  As it dies down, a lone peacock cries out. [time passes….] Just after dark, bells are heard from the Hindu temple to the right of her vision. As they subside, songs of praise begin and are chanted over the next hour. Finally, the neighborhood lion begins his vocalizing for the evening. She is NOT in Kansas anymore...

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  1. Sounds like a very a relaxing time. Jake and I did some birds watching this weekend.. which really was countryside fall color watching. Not that many birds but beautiful trees, countryside and blue, blue sky.