Sunday, October 6, 2013

PhotoEssay: Sunset at the Beach

First, you gather a group of friends who love to scream.  Don't bother changing your clothes for the beach, though.

Turn your back to the water and wait....
As the wave hits, SCREAM in delight.
Or, try to body-surf and ride the wave.

As the sun sets, the crowds thin.
Enjoy the last few waves closer to shore.
Fishing boats wait for the early morning.
The winners of the "having the most fun & the Loudest" Award.


  1. really like the layout here. nice job. Fun photos. I like those

  2. The spectacular sunset and a group of friends, it is enough to make one heave a happy sigh (or scream, if it's customary)

  3. well that looks like a positively joyful experience.
    well done.