Sunday, October 6, 2013

Service with a Smile

Newest Member of our Orchid Family
A second new Orchid, Looks like a Violet

I love this country.  If you are having trouble getting your internet provider’s website to accept your American credit card, they tell you, no problem, we’ll come by and pick up the payment at your house.  If you want fresh, organic chicken from the butcher, they will deliver it, but you’ll need to decide from about 12 choice cuts, and whether you want a completed chicken dish, or just the fresh chicken.  If you want to have milk every morning and suffer no pains to get it, ask the Milma (milk) people to have it delivered, please, to your door.  [This is one thing we used to have way back in the day in Shenandoah, and I knew that metal Borden's milk box was definitely a status symbol.] And don’t think of bothering yourself paying your garbage bill, a fellow will come by your apartment each month and ask for the payment, the same guy who picks up 2 containers of garbage and recyclables every morning outside your door, and delivers them back in a few hours washed and sparkling clean.  There are certainly some aspects of daily life here that could use reform, but because of the vast population of this country, there are 4-5 people hired to do what one person might do in the U.S.  For example, at a sari shop, one person will greet you at the door, and stick to you like flypaper as you peruse the choices.  When you’ve made your choice, she will take the purchases to another person, who will write a ticket with 3 copies.  Next I take one copy to the CASH counter, and pay.  Meanwhile the first clerk takes the other 2 copies along with the fabric to the PICK UP counter.  After I pay, I present my receipt for my payment at the PICK UP counter, and receive my purchases.  And you have to do that on every floor, no consolidating is allowed.  At first I was incredulous, now I’m a seasoned veteran of each of the counters, and can’t wait to have someone show me whatever my whimsy desires.  Yes, it feels a lot like I’m the queen, and yes, it’s a crown I wear easily.

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  1. Marvelous orchids in their native land. Stunning. I could see myself doing home deliveries---interesting to meet people in their home environs. The garbage take away and container cleaning, pretty much a tough job.