Sunday, May 11, 2014

Oh, Bangalore!

Way back in March we were in Bangalore for a few days, some work some play, and it was a bit like being in another country much of the time.  Part of the fun was visiting our former Iowa City chums P and R, and it reminded us that we used to have friends and there is great comfort is laughing over the same stuff, and sharing a cultural base.
They showed us the best of what Bangalore has to offer, and that is a pretty impressive set.  There is serious money in Bangalore, NRI and international, because of the technology park and subsequent high-end industries.  You notice it as soon as you step off the plane onto the pristine marble floor of the airport, and walk down a corridor lined with gorgeous plantings but no garbage.  We saw several trash cans in Bangalore, a rare sight in India, along with restaurants of every cuisine that rivaled major cities around the world.  And yes, we partook of as much as we could.  We visited R's very impressive lab that had state of the art equipment, management, and cleanliness, and P's progressive, gorgeous, well-equiped elementary school campus and we had a sense that we were not in the India we had come to know thus far.  It was a great respite, though, I'm not complaining.  It is curious, though, how much difference an infusion of money can make on a culture.  Sure there was lots of horn honking and crazy driving, and other Indian-markers, but there were also several experiences that seemed rather out of place.
We were hoping to go back in June, but the deal fell through for another workshop, so we'll have to settle for a great memory of time with friends and great food and hotel experiences.  Sigh…. Some pictures of our time, yes, they are of food, a salad and great dessert, to be specific… the burrata cheese in the salad was top quality, as were the micro greens and the tiramisu was fabulous. Keep up the good work, Bangalore!

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  1. Looks top notch.. wow.. the display of food is incredible