Thursday, May 22, 2014

Den of Iniquity

I found out yesterday while waiting for my driver by the portico that I live in a house of ill repute, at least according to the management's standards.  I wish I knew more specifics, because my this letter is tantalizing!  Sad part is, we've not been invited to any of these bacchanals.  How depraved could it be if the families are renting their apartments to other families?  Oh well, my imagination is fertile.
BTW, there are several questionable word usages, but it only adds to the enjoyment of the reading.  The overwriting and flowery phrases are normal, but there are a few things that are just wrong.  Don't focus on the mistakes, just enjoy the tone….


  1. Neighbors are such willing informers. But, I guess they help keep the "depraved activities" at a manageable level.

  2. Are they talking about you and Steve? Ha Ha just kidding!