Friday, March 21, 2014

Namdroling Monastery

This Tibetan monastery is of the Nyngma Sect.  These are the people who enjoy lots of statutes, ornate paintings, and deities galore.  Aka, the Catholics of the Buddhist world. For some unknown reason, there is a large settlement of this community about 1.5 hours outside of Mysore.  One monk answered this query by saying, some like it cold so they can go to Dharmasala, and those who like it hot can come to Mysore.  Whatever!
It was almost sensory overload, because there was gorgeous architecture and painting everywhere you looked.  But then the monks began their chanting, accompanied by horns, cymbals, conches, and a huge drum, and then things really started cooking.  We saw a couple of groups of monks doing the rounds of the various buildings in the compound, singing on their way, then chanting a little, then prostrating themselves in unison while chanting, then dusting off, and on to the next venue.  The grounds were beautifully landscaped and very peaceful, and each building was a little jewel box to be opened and explored.  Enjoy the pictures here:


  1. I enjoyed your monastary tour and made some comments on my fav photos. Thanks!

  2. Wonderful color everywhere you look on this tour.