Friday, March 21, 2014

Bird Sanctuary near Mysore (Ranganna Tittu)

This sanctuary is a nesting and breeding center for all kinds of birds, from herons, egrets, painted and open billed storks, to the beautiful white ibis. We started the day like amateurs, forgetting our binoculars, but soon hit our stride when we popped for the extra rupees to take an incredible 30 minute boat ride that had us within a couple of feet of several birds, their nests, and the occasional crocodile.  Sometimes the proximity was a little freaky, but mostly it was an incredible sight.  The birds weren’t spooked by either the boat or the white people inside, so I could click to my heart’s content.  If anyone knows the name of the beautiful golden/bronze heron, I’d love to know.  If it didn’t have a hunchback, it would have won best of show yesterday.  Enjoy some fabulous feathered photos (said aloud it is still alliteration) here:
Sneak Preview of FLICKR Collection

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