Thursday, February 6, 2014

Indian Press Busting Their Buttons: Hometown Boy Does Country Proud

It’s all over the Indian news today…The new head of Microsoft isn’t just a nice guy, nor Bill Gates’ hand-picked successor, or anything else, he is INDIAN-BORN, Hyderabad-raised NRI Satya Nadella.  There are, of course, the requisite human interest stories, about his time in school [the story about how he was a great admirer of pastries does show his great wisdom], a story about his “batch mates” (classmates) planning a celebration in Las Vegas to honor him [very unclear as to whether he will actually attend said celebration], and even an AMUL BUTTER ad featuring him at the helm of Microsoft [The creative team of AMUL has made topical cartoons featuring their “Amul Butter Girl” for about 50 years, I believe, and they are always cute and have nothing to do with eating their butter.]   Former batch mates have some amusing quotes, including one guy who thought he was bested by Nadella because Nadella chose math and physics and he chose commerce.  Probably not the only reason, right?  Others remember he was good at math (No, not really???) and good at mimicking American accents (HEH!), and finally, one grandiose statement that every student of Manipal University (his alma mater) would cherish this forever. All right then!

I am relieved the Indian press has something positive and new to spin about NRIs and America after the non-ending Indian diplomat/oppressor of her ‘domestic help’ who falsified Visa records and was strip searched in NYC.  So, thanks Mr. Nadella, for that diversion at least.

He has lots of good sound bytes as well that the Indian public will eat up, like “I think playing cricket taught me more about working in teams and leadership that has stayed with me throughout my career.” Not be a stickler for grammar or anything, but that is an incomplete comparison….What exactly is he comparing cricket TO??? A small detail, to be sure.   He seems like a very decent human being, and we can always use more of those in the public eye.

So it’s a love fest here, it’s all good.  I wondered if anyone would write an Op Ed piece about the continuing brain drain from India to the U.S., but who wants to rain on  the parade? Not me, enjoy your moment, India.  I’m not sure it is so helpful to have another very wealthy business-focused NRI to hold as a hero, but the country has a very hot love affair with money right now, and specifically on the earning of it.  As an American, I certainly recognize the tell-tale signs, and wish it good luck with that adoration.

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  1. We should give a hats off to the U.S.A. on this one, too, as it provided the opportunities in education, employment, and technical skills for him to reach as high as he has. We in the U.S. should keep this in mind as we cut education funding and try to put too many constraints on visas and immigration. When India can keep the likes of Mr. Nadella here for all of their education and careers, then that will mark a truly magnificent milestone.