Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Day 3: Gonder

The fame of Gonder lies with its castles, 6 to be exact, all built by different kings of the Gonderian dynasty.  Surrounded by fertile valleys and at the crossroads of 3 major caravan routes, it’s easy to see why King Fasilades chose this location as his capital in 1636.  It served as a capital for a little over 100 years, during which time 6 major castles were built.  Even though it was bombed by the British during WWII, much of the castle and grounds remains intact today.  We could see massive dining halls that still resembled dining halls, and the complexes of each of the kings that ruled Gonder during its hey day.


  1. I had no idea Ethiopia had castles. The surface appears smooth from afar, but if I look closely I see the rounded surfaces of individual stones

  2. To clarify: the British bombed the castles from the air in an attack on Italian forces staying there during WWII. There's a "Churchill" street or avenue in Addis out of appreciation, I believe, for helping rid Ethiopia of the fascist Italians under Mussolini.